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Benefits are only benefits if employees understand them and know how to use them -- that's why we've decided to speak plain English. We skip the jargon and fancy words and focus on educating your employees so they understand the power and value in every benefit your company provides.

We hope that’s okay, because it’s how we do business -- empowering employees through knowledge. To get started, tell us who you are:

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An Open Letter from Our Founder, Joe Part


Isn’t it time you were introduced to a different kind of
employee benefits firm?

I founded Alltrust Insurance in 1994 so we could help companies like yours answer that question every single day. Why does it have to “be business as usual” when “the usual” leaves you looking for more? It’s time that human resources professionals, business owners, and anyone tasked with
taking care of a company’s employees had a partner – not a company – who was equally invested in your long-term success. That is the Alltrust Difference.

We’re partners with our clients, advocates for their employees, and spend every day making our clients glad that they took the time to learn why Alltrust’s brand of “different” is one that matters.

I guarantee you’ll never find another employee benefits company like ours – and I’m honored that you stopped by today to start exploring just how different your company might be with the right partner at your side.


Be well,