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Brittnay Way

Client Advocacy Manager - Worksite

Quick Facts 

Brittnay Way, our Worksite Account Manager, was born and raised close by in enchanting Dunedin, Florida. Originally embarking in a degree in Art History, her love for helping people landed her in a Property Management role where she managed 400 plus apartment homes. After having her daughter, she took a year off to spend time with her and help alongside her Fiancé with the start of his booming construction business, Superlative Construction. Fast forward to April 2018 where she has fallen into her new role in our worksite team, and she couldn’t be happier!

A Little More About Britt

Brittnay’s responsibilities include managing relationships with clients and their employees, assisting in claim filings, processing enrollments and traveling to companies for presenting of their worksite benefits. When asked what she loves most about her role she expresses how rewarding it is for her to be able to truly help people during what is normally a very trying and challenging time for them.

In her spare time, you will find Brittnay with her Fiancé Thomas, their daughter Leighna and stepson Anthony. She is a huge movie buff, loves yoga, beach days, shopping and going out to brunch or coffee with family and friends. Britt collects vinyl records to play at home while making dinner and enjoying a glass of wine and also enjoys thrifting art pieces.

Random Fact:

Brittnay was born on Thanksgiving and got pregnant on her golden year.