Why We’re Different

The reason we’re voted year after year the top employee benefits firm in Florida

What exactly does "different" mean? To Alltrust, it means a few things.

It means you’ll never have to wonder whose interests we’re protecting.

We’re privately held; we don’t have shareholders to report to. That means every day, we wake up and get to work knowing we’ll do whatever is in the best interests of our clients, not our bottom line.

It also means there’s an open door. It’s pretty funny when you sit down and read brochures from multiple companies just like ours. We all have the exact same suite of products and services to offer. What’s different about Alltrust is the open door.

We open the door to questions – it’s our job to find you answers.

We open the door to your employees - it’s our job to help them use the benefits you provide to the utmost.

Most importantly, however, we open the door to you. If you visit our office, you’ll become a client (so we don’t suggest a visit if you’re just “shopping around”). That’s because you’ll meet the people behind Alltrust. You’ll see and feel our culture. You’ll know that we’re a different kind company. There’s a reason our employees have voted us -- year after year -- the top employee benefits firm in Florida.

We invite you to explore the reason we just might be the best employee benefits and services firm to fit your company's needs. If you’re ready, learn about how to begin.